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Thought Leadership


As experts in data management, AlyData advisors frequently present at industry conferences and author articles on topics of interest to our clients.  In this section we provide a few selected articles related to Big Data, Big Data Governance, Data Quality etc.


Big Data Demystified


This is an article authored by our Founder Jay Zaidi.  The primary objective of this paper was to shed light on Big Data and highlight the business benefits related to it.  The article can be found at


Data Governance Demystified - Lessons from the trenches


As data volumes grow and companies democratize it's use - governance becomes a critical item.  This is especially true of heavily regulated companies in the Financial Services and Healtcare domains.  This article can be accessed at


Holistic Data Quality – A New Paradigm in Enterprise Data Quality Management


Do enterprises treat data as a strategic asset? Are organizations making the right investments with respect to defining data quality requirements, proactively monitoring the quality of business critical data and managing its quality throughout the corporate information supply chain? Such questions must be asked by modern enterprises; they run on data, data is their lifeblood, data is perhaps the most important factor in corporate decision-making and financial reporting. Disclosures depend on data and risk is constantly monitored and managed using data. Therefore, it is clear that data is a crucial strategic asset and must be treated as such.  This article is available at


Ten Data Management Capabilities That Address Urgent Business Priorities


Companies can gain a significant competitive advantage if they leverage their data assets better. Corporate boards and C-level executives are under tremendous pressure related to business critical data. These pressures include improving risk management, eliminating fraud, and providing transparency into internal business processes and controls. These processes have to be supported by metrics across the information supply chain end-to-end. This is a daunting undertaking, and the implementation challenge is compounded by a firm's culture, legacy infrastructure, complex data architecture, data management capability, and siloed approaches to data management. Link to the article is


Is Your Data Governance Program In Trouble?


Data is a strategic asset for every firm, regardless of the firm's size or the business domain it operates in. The Data Governance (DG) team's mandate is to define the policies, processes, procedures and standards that will be used to govern enterprise critical data and ensure compliance across all lines of business. DG also facilitates ongoing issue management and enterprise-wide communication regarding the status of various projects under its purview. Since a DG Program is pervasive and has an enterprise-wide scope, DG teams are constantly presented with challenges, during the deployment and execution phases. They must overcome such challenges to ensure the continued success of the program, which will result in tangible business value to the firm. Industry best practices can be leveraged for this purpose.  Link to the article is

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