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AlyData's Book # 1 -

Data-driven Leaders Always Win - The Essential Guide For Leaders In the Age of Data

After two years of research, due diligence, and writing, our managing partner's book on "Data-Driven Leadership" was released worldwide on Amazon and Kindle in July 2016. The Foreword is by Dr. Kirk Borne, a Big Data expert and the #1 Big Data Influencer on Social Media worldwide, since 2013.



"Data collections are now recognized as a core business asset, a new natural resource, a driver of business change and innovation, a source of increased and/or new revenue streams, a creative force for new products and new markets, and a job opportunity bonanza for those with essential data skills.” - From the foreword by Dr. Kirk Borne 



The Fourth Industrial Revolution also known as the digital revolution is unleashing a torrent of data. Most organizations are seeing their data volumes rise by 30 to 50% each year. This data has to be secured, managed and analyzed to gain deep insights - that can be used for managing risk, making tactical and strategic decisions, improving customer service and innovating new products. Implementing the latest technology or hiring smart people isn’t sufficient. A data culture is a prerequisite to succeeding with data. Leaders must be the change agents and will have to involve people throughout their organization to build a data culture.


Building a data culture is a complex undertaking and requires an in-depth understanding of the data ecosystem, its components, and the interaction between people, process, technology, and data, to deliver business value.


Some areas you'll explore:


  • The opportunities and challenges that Big Data and IOT present?

  • Why data should be your weapon of choice to gain competitive advantage?

  • How are nimbler data-driven companies disrupting traditional rivals?

  • What is Dark Data and why you must manage it better?

  • What is the dark side of Big Data and how it's impacting your organization?

  • Why is data quality "Job #1"?

  • What is the "Golden Square" and why must every leader know and apply it?

  • What steps you can take to win with data?

  • How do leaders develop a data culture within their organizations?

Regardless of the industry vertical you are in or whether you are in the private or public sector - if you are a leader, aspire to be one or wish to influence your leadership team and move up the corporate ladder in the "Age of Data", then this book is for you.


In Data-driven Leaders Always Win, Jay connects the dots across various data management fields and their practical application, using real life experience that he gained while leading enterprise-wide data management programs at the world's largest financial services company. His primary goal is to raise awareness and educate readers about the opportunities and challenges related to the emerging fields of Strategic Data Management and Data Science and why a data culture is critical for success. Being data-savvy and data-driven are core skills for leaders and their organizations in the "Age of Data". 

Our Book is Free, but if you would like to donate a small amount, it will go to a non profit

Data-driven Leaders Always Win - The Essential Guide For Leaders In the Age of Data
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And in Hundreds of Bookstores and Online Retailers Worldwide! 

Here's what industry leaders are saying about the book -


“Part inspiration, part information, and part innovation, Jay Zaidi’s book challenges business and IT leaders to think broadly and act collectively about data’s role within their organization. He provides an in-the-trenches perspective on nearly all facets of making data behave as a high-value enterprise asset.” – Douglas Laney, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Data and Analytics Strategy, Gartner


“As the first financial services executive to hire a chief data officer, I highly recommend this book as a must read for ANY executive seeking to improve operations, gain a deep understanding of client needs and gain a competitive advantage.” - Ed Watson, Former EVP & Head of Operations and Technology, Fannie Mae


“Data is the new currency that will drive business and regulatory compliance strategy. The root cause of many company ailments is how data is managed.  Jay does a great job highlighting the techniques and approaches to solve complex problems and achieve corporate strategies in the age of data.” - Ray Vazquez, CEO, Infinitive Insight


“As data continues to grow and evolve, the enormous challenge of managing it is often minimized and misunderstood.  Becoming data-driven requires changing the culture within an organization. This book provides a practical guide on how to tackle some of the more significant challenges, as experienced first-hand by the author, Jay Zaidi.  I highly recommend this book for all Business and IT leaders since data is integral to everything we do!”- Beth Hiatt, COO, Unissant and Former CDO, Fannie Mae


"Corporate data initiatives fail because the technical team is unable to communicate clearly the business value that can be derived from harnessing the power of their data.   In his book, Jay has done a great job of bridging the IT/Business gap by breaking through the technical jargon and clearly articulating the business case for investment in data as a corporate asset.   This is crucial for both competitive advantage, as well as, ensuring compliance in today's highly regulated environment. " -  Kathy Keller, Managing Director, Newbold Advisors, LLC  


“Data-driven leaders must empower their teams to deliver on the business’s need for near real-time analytics across small and big data. In Data-Driven Leaders Always Win, Jay Zaidi makes a case for investing in foundational capabilities like a data catalog, master data management, data quality and data governance. The emergence of new self-service data tools and approaches is making it possible for everyone in the enterprise to leverage data, to make better decisions and achieve better business outcomes.”  - Alex Gorelik, CEO, Waterline Data


"Data-driven organizations aim for frictionless data processing, to significantly reduce time-to-value. In Data-Driven Leaders Always Win, Jay highlights the fact that IT and Business teams can achieve their common goals by utilizing new technology and refining their data management processes." - Adam Wilson, CEO, Trifacta


"In his aptly named book, Jay Zaidi makes the basic argument that being 'Data-Driven' has less to do with having a lot of big data and more to do with understanding and analyzing the context around the data you have.  Jay thoughtfully explains that data, like any other form of information, cannot be taken at face value and that being 'Data-Driven' isn’t just about cycling data through your organisation, it’s about making sure that people are able to both quickly find the right data and place that data in the appropriate context.” - Satyen Sangani, co-founder and CEO, Alation


"Today, every organization is in the data business, and every business needs data-driven leaders.  This book introduces you to the most important and demanding areas of information management and provides practical insight into how you can use data to rapidly rise and ultimately win." - Greg Steffine, BI Strategist and Award Winning Author


“According to Alibaba’s Jack Ma, data will become the biggest production material in the future - it will become a public resource like water, electricity, and oil.  This has resulted in a paradigm shift in data management. In this timely and insightful book, Jay has done an excellent job outlining the business case and presenting practical steps to help leaders develop a data culture within their organizations.” - Samra Sulaiman, Founder, ConsultData LLC

The topics you can expect to find: Data Analytics, Data Management, Data Security, Data Governance, Data Quality

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