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AlyData's Book #2 -

Data-driven Leadership - A New Leadership Paradigm For The Digital Age

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I'm sure you think you know 'Data', but the author truly believes that the information he shares with you in this eBook will change your view of 'Data', increase your level of 'Data Consciousness', and change the way you think about, and interact with 'Data' going forward.

The world as we know it is changing drastically right in front of our eyes…and we are mostly oblivious to its impact on our lives, to our detriment. The new "digital age" kids on the block - Google, Apple, Facebook, Tesla, and Amazon are disrupting traditional rivals. They are purely data-driven and are acquiring and processing data at mind-boggling speed and volume to provide near real time results. 

What are the ramifications of our personal, financial, and interpersonal communication data floating in the ether or residing in the cloud? Will governments and corporations use this to their advantage and our detriment? What does this mean for them and for us? These are serious questions that everyone must think about - politicians, policymakers, citizens, and corporate leaders - basically each and every one of us.

In this eBook, Jay tackles these questions and provide 4 key takeaways that apply to the common man, corporations, and the government agencies.

Our Book is FREE, but if you would like to donate a small amount, it will go to a non-profit

The topics you can expect to find: Data Analytics, Data Management, Data Security, Data Governance, Data Quality
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